Nordic Audiovisual Artists presents Tiny/Massive, a series of architectural interventions where monumental structures are transformed into a creative canvas of light.

Winter Lights Festival 2019
7th — 10th February

For the very first edition of Tiny/Massive you are invited to illuminate Harpa concert hall during Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival. We are looking for work that cultivates a meaningful connection among people or between individuals and structures. You are encouraged to draw inspiration from the architecture of Harpa and the raw nature that surrounds it. You can apply either with video content or generative / interactive / game experiences. The selected works will be displayed during the festival.

Previous work at Harpa: Harpa Pong (2015), Harpa Visualisers (2016), Harpa Lights (2016), Harpa Light Organ (2016), Harpa Lights (2017)


Have a look at the where we offer templates and more. For questions,

Technical specifications


Generative / interactive / game

We will be providing controls in a sheltered location opposite Harpa for interactive works. Check out the for details.



How many projects will be selected? We don’t know yet but if your work is of a high quality there’s a strong chance we will showcase it. Our intention is to be more inclusive than exclusive!

If my work is selected, will I receive any monetary compensation? No. However, three outstanding works will receive a travel grant to come to Reykjavik during the event.

Can I apply with multiple works? Yes! Apply with as many contributions as you wish, there's no limit!

Can I apply as a team? Yes!

Can I use a different controller than the one available? Ask us. If there is a strong reason for it, and we can practically accomodate the controller there shouldn't be any problems.

What colour range does each light on Harpa have? Each light has 3 x 8-bit channels for Red, Green and Blue, giving a range of 0-255, or 24-bit colour.

What's with the 30 fps frame rate, can't we go higher? The lights are controlled by DMX, and there's a limit to how much data we can send at any one time. If only part of the image changes, we may be able to get a higher refresh rate, but if you're strobing the entire facade, we can only send frames at 30fps.

I have no experience with either code or video, can I still apply? We have found that the best pieces doesn't necessarily come from "professionals", give it your best go and approach us with any concerns.

When will I receive a recording of my work? We will try share these as soon as possible but don't expect anything until March.

I don’t feel comfortable creating work for free, what’s your thought on that? Neither do we! For Harpa we have done the lights for a few years and feel the next step is to invite others. Money has never been a big part of this, it’s 100% for the love of light. And any funding we receive goes directly to cover costs of travel and production. Our goal is to gather artists under a common surface. Any surplus we have goes to back to the community via NAVA. If you are curious for details feel free to reach out on Slack.

Terms and Conditions